What is the background of your food and beverage-related initiatives, including the consolidation of LEMONADE by Lemonica as a consolidated subsidiary, which was announced on September 19?

We believe that “food” can be broadly divided into two categories: “food for living” and “food for leisure”. We have already been engaged in the “food for leisure” business for a long time in our amusement business, and we believe that this is an area in which we can continue to expand.

Specifically, our group has a track record of “food” initiatives in the context of entertainment, such as the “GiGO COLLABO CAFE” and “GiGO’s Taiyaki”, in which restaurants collaborate with popular content such as anime, manga, artists, and characters, and offer menus named after the works and characters at GiGO. We have a track record of “food” initiatives in the context of entertainment.

We will continue to consider investment in “food for leisure” that can bring enjoyment to people, as an area in which our group could enjoy synergies. On the other hand, we have no plans to enter the general restaurant business (e.g., food service industry) as “food for life”.

Tag: 2023/9/27