What is the trend of GiGO Sohonten, which opened on September 20?

The GiGO Sohonten, the flagship store of all GiGO stores, opened on September 20 in Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo. On the day of the opening, we had such high expectations that about 500 customers lined up waiting for the opening. One month after the opening, sales have been quite strong, exceeding our plan by 15%.

The store has 269 crane games, 118 interactive music games, 72 large video card games, and 18 print sticker machines, making it a flagship store of GiGO. In addition, the store has a permanent food and beverage (F&B) shop featuring “GiGO Taiyaki Sohonten” and “Hill Valley,” a gourmet popcorn brand originating in Japan, as well as a café space where customers can enjoy these items on the spot.

Currently, the store receives about 10,000 customers on weekdays and about 30,000 customers on weekends and holidays (both figures are the total number of customers per day, as measured by a headcount counting sensor). Sales in the first trailing month after the opening were approximately 200 million yen (preliminary basis), with prize games accounting for about 80% of sales, and many customers visit the store in search of prizes, especially those of popular IPs. For example, on the opening day of the ” Crazy Raccoon×GiGOキャンペーン”, about 150 customers lined up to win prizes and limited-edition items.

In F&B, as in the case of prize games, products made in collaboration with popular IPs have been well received by customers. “Hill Valley” is currently selling “ドズル社 コラボポップコーン” with an illustration of “ドズル社”, which is that led by president “ドズル”, a medical student turned YouTuber who established his own company based on his YouTube activities, the five members are active as video game players in Japan, printed on the package. On the first day of sales, about 100 customers lined up even before the store opened to get their hands on this product. GiGO  Taiyaki Sohonten” is currently offering ” GiGOのたい焼き”ブルーロック焼き 第 2 弾”,” a taiyaki made in collaboration with “ブルーロック”, which is famous as a football manga in Japan. These taiyakis have also been well received by “ブルーロック” fans.

As “an entertainment facility where everyone can enjoy their own time as if they were the hero”, we will continue to introduce the fun of amusement arcades from Japan to the rest of the world.

*GiGO Sohonten on a holiday
Tag: 2023/10/27