Why did your forecast for FY2025 exceed the guidance disclosed on January 22, 2024?

In conclusion, we have seen strong organic growth, particularly in amusement arcades and karaoke, in our footprint.

Originally, in the guidance disclosed on January 22, 2024, we expected net sales of approximately 90 billion yen, EBITDA of approximately 12 billion yen, and operating income of approximately 6.5 billion yen (please refer to “M&A Progress and Earnings Forecasts from December 2023” on page 25).


However, the various synergy measures implemented in the M&A target company have been successful, and we have observed strong organic growth, especially in amusement arcades and karaoke. We will disclose these results at the appropriate time once we have comparable data for a certain period of time after the M&A.

Tag: 2024/3/25