GENDA Group Store Development Progress Report is now available. June 2024

GENDA Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and hairman of the Board: Nao Kataoka, Representative Director and President: Mai Shin ; hereinafter “GENDA”) has been releasing a progress report on the GENDA Group’s store development . The report mainly covers topics such as changes in the number of stores and locations, and new store openings. Please note that the figures are preliminary and may be revised in the future.

■Number of stores and offices (as of June, 2024)
Number of stores: 759
Number of mini-locations: 1239

SANDAI Co., Ltd. which operates the “Smile Station” amusement arcade and mini-location business in the Kyushu region, has joined the GENDA Group.
In addition, the number of mini-location (non-staffed game corner) locations operated by the GENDA Group in Japan, the United States, and mainland China has exceeded 1,000, bringing the total number of locations to 1,239. The GENDA Group will continue to expand its mini-locations, not only by improving operational efficiency but also by introducing group-exclusive prizes to further enhance the minilocations.