GENDA Growth Strategy

Our Growth Strategy

The pillar of our growth strategy is to enhance the shareholder value by "Continuous Transformational Growth" through M&As, in addition to the growth of the existing businesses

Continuous Transformational
Growth through M&A
Continuous Growth in
Domestic Business
Continuous Growth in
Overseas Business

M&A Track Records

Since our incorporation, we have executed numerous M&As and capital transactions, mainly focusing on the operation of amusement arcades. We have been able to implement managerial efficiently, by sucessfully realizing synergies and optimizing resources

Operation of amusement arcades

Operation of amusement arcades

  • 2018.05

    Establishment of GENDA

  • 2018.06

    Acquired 100% Stake of SPSS

  • 2019.01

    Established a JV in the U.S. with ROUND ONE

    Operation of amusement arcades
  • 2020.12

    Acquired 85.1% Stake of SEGA Entertainment

    Operation of amusement arcades
  • 2021.04

    Acquired the U.S. business of NAMCO USA

    Operation of amusement arcades
  • 2021.10

    Capital alliance with Dynamo Amusement

  • 2021.12

    Acquired the business of SEGA AMUSEMENTS TAIWAN LTD.

    Operation of amusement arcades
  • 2022.01

    Acquired 100% Stake of SEGA Entertainment

    Operation of amusement arcades

    Acquired 100% Stake of Takarajima

    Operation of amusement arcades
  • 2022.06

    Capital aliance with Hashilus (VR content provider) and Dynamo Amusement

  • 2022.10

    Acquired the business of Sugai Dinos

    Operation of amusement arcades

    Acquired the amusement arcade business of Avice

    Operation of amusement arcades

Transition of EPS since Incorporation

We have been able to increase our EPS by 42 times in 4 years since our incorporation, not only through continuous transformational growth by M&As but also thorough the pursuit of disciplined financing to maximize shareholder value


To become the World’s No.1 Entertainment Company

We strive to become the world's no.1 entertainment company by bringing together the expertise of professionals in each field

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