By establishing this policy, we adopt a firm stance against anti-social forces that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society, while ensuring the appropriateness and soundness of our business operations.

1. Organizational Response

We will respond to unreasonable demands from anti-social forces as an entire organization and ensure the safety of employees who respond to such demands from anti-social forces.

2. Collaboration with External Expert Organizations

To prepare for responses to anti-social forces, we will make efforts to build close collaborative relationships with external expert organizations such as the police, violence prevention centers, and lawyers.

3. Disconnection of All Relationships, Including Transactions

We will sever all relationships with anti-social forces, including business transactions. We will not comply with any unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.

4. Legal Response in Civil and Criminal Matters in Case of Emergency

We will take legal action from both civil and criminal perspectives against any unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.

5. Prohibition of Backdoor Deals and Funding

We will absolutely not engage in backdoor deals with anti-social forces. We will absolutely not provide any funding to anti-social forces.