M&A Case Studies

M&A Cases Studies among GENDA Group

Representative Director's view towards M&A

GENDA's vision is to become the world's No.1 entertainment company in 2040. We want to build deeper relationships with companies and stores that have joined GENDA group through M&As, so that we can positively tackle new businesses and uncharted territories. The reasons for joining the GENDA Group are varied, some say they want to further grow in a wider field, whereas some say they were looking for a business successor, but what they all have in common is a very positive attitude towards working together to create the world's No.1 entertainment company. Here we present interviews with representatives who have joined the GENDA Group to date as case studies. It would be great if this could provide our potential partners with an opportunity to know us.

M&A Cases

M&A Cases in the GENDA Group


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