Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy of Information Disclosure

We recognize that timely, appropriate, and fair disclosure of corporate information is crucial for the sound formation of capital markets. We adhere to relevant laws and regulations related to financial instruments and exchange, as well as the rules of financial instruments exchanges, to provide timely and appropriate corporate information to all our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. Our objective is to deepen understanding of our company, enhance societal trust, and contribute to fair evaluation.

2. Important Corporate Information

The important corporate information that falls under our principle includes the following:

(1) Information required to be disclosed by laws and regulations related to financial instruments and exchange

(2) Information required to be disclosed by the rules of financial instruments and exchanges

(3) Other disclosure information that is desirable to be disclosed to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders

3. Method of Information Disclosure

We adhere to the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For information that requires disclosure based on these rules, we use the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) to disclose the information and promptly publish the content of the press release on our website.

Furthermore, even for information that does not fall under the timely disclosure rules but is deemed useful for deepening the understanding of our shareholders and investors, we will disclose it through appropriate methods such as publishing it on our website.

4. Information on Projections

If the information disclosed by our company includes future information such as current plans, outlooks, and strategies, please note that such information is based on the information available at the time of disclosure and is prepared under certain assumptions made by our company. These assumptions may include risks, uncertainties, and other factors. Therefore, there is a possibility that the actual performance may deviate from the company's future information, and the disclosed information does not guarantee its contents.

5. Establishment of Quiet Period

To prevent the leakage of information that may affect the company's stock price, we have established a "quiet period" from the day after the end of the fiscal or quarterly accounting period until the announcement of the financial results. During the quiet period, we refrain from making any comments regarding the financial results. However, this does not apply if the company determines that there are or may be significant impacts on the securities market. Additionally, if there are any revisions to performance forecasts, dividend forecasts, or explanations of variances, we will disclose such information in a timely manner, as necessary.

6. Prevention of Insider Trading

To prevent insider trading, our company has established internal regulations and promotes awareness and understanding of these regulations among all employees in the group. We also manage information related to significant facts that may affect investment decisions and strive to prevent insider trading through appropriate information management and timely disclosures in accordance with the timely disclosure rules.

7. Establishment of Internal Structure

In accordance with this Disclosure Policy, our company is committed to establishing and enhancing the internal structure to ensure appropriate information disclosure in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the timely disclosure rules.