Message from the President

To our shareholders and investors,

We are pleased to announce that our company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on July 28, 2023.

We feel a strong sense of responsibility as a publicly traded company, and we are excited to engage with a broader range of stakeholders. Under the Aspiration of “More fun for your days”, GENDA has consistently expanded its business through M&As in the entertainment industry since its foundation in 2018. Our strategic focus has been on leveraging technology to create new customer experiences and improve operational efficiency.

As a result, we have strived not only to enhance our corporate value but also to maximize shareholder value. Achieving revenue of 46.1 billion yen with 4,164 members at the fifth fiscal year is a testament to the support of our stakeholders, which we all are very proud of.

We are committed to sustaining this rapid growth and relentlessly pursuing the quality and quantity of joy that GENDA brings to the world.

Additionally, we believe it is also important for us to enjoy this process ourselves. We sincerely hope for the continued support and encouragement of our shareholders and investors.

Representative Director and President
Mai Shin

Representative Director and President Mai Shin