GENDA Group accelerates global growth through overseas M&A ~The number of mini-locations in the UShas increased 20x to more than 8,000.~

GENDA Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chairman of the Board: Nao Kataoka; Representative Director and President: Mai Shin; hereinafter “GENDA”)  announced today that its Board of Directors resolved at a meeting held today that Kiddleton, Inc. (Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, USA; President and CEO: Atsushi Iyoda; hereinafter “Kiddleton”),  a consolidated subsidiary of GENDA, will acquire all equity interests of National Entertainment Network, LLC (Headquarters: Colorado, USA; Executive Chairman:Jason Walbridge; hereinafter “National Entertainment Network“), an operator of mini-locations (Non-staffed game areas) in the United States.

National Entertainment Network is a leading operator of approximately 8,000 mini-locations in the United States. Together with Kiddleton’s 432 mini-locations, this brings the GENDA Group’s total number of overseas mini-locations to more than 8,000.

Since its establishment in 2019, Kiddleton has been dealing with Japanese-style small prize game machines and prizes with Japanese-style ‘Kawaii’ designs, which previously did not exist in the US market. Today, we continue to develop our business with uniqueness, focusing on “products that can only be found here, experiences that can only be had here”. In recent years, the popularity of Japanese anime, manga and other Japanese content in the U.S. has been on the rise, and Kiddleton has responded to this need by providing a highly satisfying service to its many customers.

The National Entertainment Network has business with major U.S. companies such as Walmart, Kroger and Denny’s, and has a very large network across the U.S. .By placing Kiddleton’s highly unique ‘from Japan’ contents on this huge network, we believe that, combined with the needs of the market, we can expect significant business growth.

This M&A is a cross-border M&A for a foreign capital company. We will continue to achieve our Aspiration of ‘More fun for your days’ and grow into a company that our customers around the world can enjoy.

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■ Overview of the companies

Company name: Kiddleton, Inc.
Representative: President & CEO Atsushi Iyoda
Established: 07/2019.
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Company name: National Entertainment Network, LLC
Representative: Jason Walbridge, Executive Chairman
Established: 08/1995.
Location: 246 S Taylor Ave, STE 200, LOUISVILLE, CO 80027 United States

■GENDA Company Profile.

「More fun for your days」

To realise this Aspiration, GENDA is an entertainment company that aims to build a global entertainment network and increase the ‘total amount of fun’ distributed in the world. GENDA operates a wide range of businesses in entertainment, including Amusement, Karaoke, Character Merchandising, Food & Beverage, Contents & Promotion (movies, interactive contents, etc.). It operates approximately 700 amusement arcades such as GiGO and the karaoke chain BanBan in Japan and abroad, as well as approximately 1,200 mini-locations (non-staffed gaming corners). It operates in Japan, North America, mainland China, Taiwan, the UK and the Middle East.

Company name: GENDA Inc.
Representative Director and Chairman of the Board Nao Kataoka, Representative Director and President Mai Shin
Established: 5 May 2018.
Location: 17F, Tokyo Shiodome Building, 1-9-1 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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