When was the company founded?
May 2018
When was the company listed?
July 28, 2023
Which stock exchange is the company listed?
Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market
What is the security code?
What is the minimum trading unit of shares?
When is the fiscal year end?
January 31 every year
When is the full-year earnings release?
Please refer to the “IR calendar”.
Will there be earnings presentations?
Please refer to the “IR calendar”.
When is the annual shareholder meeting?
It is planned April annually.
Please describe the business.
Please refer to “Overview of GENDA Group”.
Does the company pay dividends?
The company does not currently pay dividends.
The reason for this is that we recognize numerous attractive investment pipelines which would exceed the cost of equity, so that we would dare to reinvest in our business rather than to directly return the cash flow we are currently generating to our shareholders, thereby increasing the value of our shares more in the future.
Going forward, our basic policy will always be to implement the most appropriate capital allocation at any given time from the perspective of optimizing the allocation of capital to increase shareholder value.
Are there shareholder benefits?
How is the recent business performance?
Please refer to “Financial Highlights”.
How is the business forecast?
Please refer to “Financial Highlights”.
Can I contact over the phone?
Unfortunately, we do not accept inquiries regarding IR over the phone. If you are unable to resolve your issue by referring to the FAQ section. Please contact us through the “IR Inquiry” for further assistance.